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Find out measurements and sizes for bracelets, necklaces and rings

Here you can find out their sizes for bracelets, necklaces and rings.

Please note that a very precise measurement is required. To find out the exact dimensions for your accessories, we recommend that you visit a jeweler near you.

These are approximate, but you can also use them to find out your respective sizes. Therefore please proceed with the utmost accuracy.

Straps & Bracelets



Depending on the type of bracelet, it is a little tighter or looser. Therefore, you should know your measurements before buying and buy an appropriate bracelet length.

A simple tape measure is sufficient to find out the size of the wrist.

Instead of a tape measure, you can also use a piece of string or a long piece of paper.

Wrap the tape measure, string, or piece of paper around your wrist. Measure the exact circumference

Once you have your measurements, add 2cm to get your standard bracelet size.

As an example: You measure the circumference of your wrist: 15cmYou add 2cm: 15cm + 2cm. As a Result do you have your standard size for bracelets: 17cm

This is your standard measure. But if you prefer a little narrower bracelets, please add only 1cm or 1,5cm.

Please also note that we specify the length of our bracelets without the clasp. This means that if a bracelet has a normal lobster clasp, we only give the size of the bracelet's chain plus the clasp.


Length of bracelet chain + clasp = total length



 Bracelet size in cm

(Clasp + bracelet)


in cm

15 13 14
16 14
17 15
18 16
19 17
20 18
21 19
22 20
23 21
24 22
25 23
26 24
27 25





Choosing the length of a necklace is based on the style you choose and your physique. An approximate standard size is 39-43cm. This length fits most customers and corresponds to a classic necklace. However, if you prefer necklaces that hang a little lower, or if you want to wear the necklace wrapped around your neck, you should use longer necklaces.

Classic necklace: about 42cm

Necklace on Cleavage height: about 55cm

Necklace on Chest height: about 70 cm

Necklace below the Chest: about 90cm

To get a picture of the measurements, take a long piece of string or a tape measure and wrap it around your neck like a necklace. As with the bracelet, you also measure the circumference here. Depending on the height at which you want to wear your necklace, adjust the circumference.

Again, we add the clasp length, the chain length. We also state this in the description if a closure length is available.



The ring is similar to the bracelet. You can easily determine the circumference of the ring finger with a strip of paper, string or a tape measure. To do this, wrap one of the measuring utensils mentioned above around your finger. Pull the piece of paper, tape measure, or string tight enough that you can twist it easily. Then mark both ends of the piece of paper and place it on a ruler. You read off the dimension in mm and have thus determined the inner circumference.

Do not forget: Be sure to take the measurement of the finger on which the ring is to be worn.



 Inner circumference in mm Ring size Germany France
14,6 46 6
15,0 47 7
15,3 48 8
15,6 49 9
15,9 50 10
16,2 51 11
16,5 52 12
16,8 53 13
17,2 54 14
17,5 55 15
17,8 56 16
18,1 57 17
18,4 58 18
18,8 59 19
19,1 60 20
19,4 61 21
19,7 62 22
20,0 63 23
20,3 64 24
20,6 65 25
21,0 66 26
21,3 67 27
21,6 68 28
22,0 69 29


* We do not accept any liability for confusion with foreign units of measurement.