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In our treasure trove you will find slightly damaged items, items with slight scratches, or items with missing stones, which cannot be sold in full.

The damage occurred as a result of transport damage or during the packaging of the products.


Instead, we offer these products at significantly lower prices.


Gold coated bracelet with stones with cracked sides and discoloration (FUNDGRUBE)


Gold Sheathed Choker Ring Necklace (FUNDGRUBE)


Gold Coated Black Clover Cubic Zirconia Bracelet (FUNDGRUBE)


Gold Coated Cubic Zirconia Belt Bracelet (FUNDGRUBE)


Gold Plated Rainbow Eyes Bracelet (FINDGRUBE)


Gold coated large design engraved earrings (FUNDGRUBE) (Slight scratches)


Gold coated zirconia nail bracelet rose gold (FUNDGRUBE) (light spots on the edges)


Gold coated square earrings, small scratches and slightly discolored areas (FUND PIT)


Gold-coated bracelet without a stone click clasp opens too easily (FUNDGRUBE)